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What is a car lease swap?

Most people think that when you lease a car, that’s it, you are stuck with the car forever, or at least until the lease is up, right? Wrong. You can actually swap a car lease and transfer the remaining lease to a new person. It’s a pretty easy process. You first must contact the lender who is dealing with the lease and make sure they allow swaps. Many do. Then you can use an online tool to find someone who wants to take over the lease. You may also have someone in your life that you already know would like to do that. You can even use Craigslist for such a thing. If the person you want to transfer the lease to passes the credit check, then they will be the new lessor of the car. They will have to transfer the registration, but then they will be done!

There are plenty of reasons why someone would want to transfer a lease. Some people feel they won’t be able to find someone, but it’s actually pretty easy because there are plenty of people who want a car but don’t want to commit to the full amount of time of a normal lease. Don’t despair if you find yourself needing to offload your leased vehicle!

Why would you need a car lease swap?

  • New Financial Situation
    When you got your lease you had a great job and were doing great, but now it’s time to tighten the belt a little bit.
  • Family Changes
    Your kids have gone off to college so you no longer need that minivan and you want to get that fun roadster you’ve always wanted.
  • You Dislike Your Car
    You thought this was the car you wanted but after driving it for a while, you realize it’s definitely not. Swap it out!

Top 5 lease swap and lease trader sites


    • Lots of experience since the site has been around since 2000
    • Highly acclaimed by major media outlets
    • Use the site to check lease exit availability
    • Informative Blog
    Swapalease has been talked about in many major media outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. It seems like the go-to place for car lease swaps. The site has been around since the year 2000 and it prides itself on helping people legally get out of their car leases. All you need to do is search their database of available leases, or enter in the data of the lease you are trying to swap and they will help you do the rest. It really can be that easy. Using a site like this makes lease swapping a breeze. Find out why this is one of the top choices for lease swapping.

    • Get your car shipped to you
    • Canada & US lease swaps
    • Communicate directly with buyers\sellers
    • Site is easy to use
    Lease Trader is another fine site that can help you to get out of a lease or takeover the lease for the car of your dreams. They even offer quotes on vehicle shipping in case the car that you want is available in a different part of the country; however, they also offer a search so you can find a dealer near you. They offer lease swaps in both Canada and the US. Their site has many testimonials proving that they offer a great service to their customers who use them. The best way to find out why they have so many great reviews is to check it out yourself. Lease swapping doesn’t have to be stressful, just try this!
  • The name lease quit really says it all. You want to quit your lease and this site will help you do it. The site is beautiful and modern looking. They definitely go the extra mile to make the site look trustworthy and professional, so if aesthetics are important to you, then you will like this one. The site makes it easy to put your car online, find a lessor and then do the transfer with the bank. If you have been worried about the stress of the whole swap process, Leasequit lays it out for you.  The only downside is that the site asks to know your location, which some people might find kind of creepy! Just give it a shot to find out if this is the one for you.

    • Beautiful design
    • Easy to navigate
    • Makes the process simple to figure out
    • Find the car of your dreams
  • When it comes to an online auto lease swap company, Eautolease is a great option. The fact that their name starts with the letter E shows that they are all about the online business of lease swapping. It’s so easy to use. All you have to do as a seller is enter the information for your car or use the easy search function for what you want in a car and you’ll be good! It’s super simple to try. They are business local to Brooklyn, NY and list a number and e-mail for easy contact. They are eager to help you and that much is clear from how easy they make it to contact them. Once you contact them you’ll see how easy it really can be

    • Easy to contact
    • Visual options to choose type of car
    • Lots of mainstream press to give it validity
  • Car Lease is a sleek website that helps you swap your car lease out whether you just want to get rid of it or you are going to get a new one. Whether your financial situation is different now or you would simply like to get rid of a car you don’t like, you can use this site to help. The site automatically detects your location and lets you find the right person with good credit to swap a lease. The plentiful reviews online show that people appreciate this site as much as you might. Find out how you can swap your car with an easy to use site like this! Any of these sites would be a great option but this one lets you choose between searching by make or type of car.

    • Sleek design, easy to navigate
    • Lots of reviews online to validate the site
    • Site automatically knows your location
    • Browse by type or make

How to transfer your car lease

  • 1.

    Make Sure Your Lease Is Eligible For Transfer

  • 2.

    Find A Buyer Looking To Take Over Your Lease

  • 3.

    Fill Out The Appropriate Documents Correctly

  • 4.

    Have Your Deal Reviewed By Experts At LeaseSwap

  • 5.

    File The Signed Paperwork With The Relevant Finance Companies

  • 6.

    Buyers Enjoy Their New Car And Sellers Enjoy Their New Freedom

Benefits and drawbacks of lease swap

  • You can get out of a lease early. Why wait for it to reach its contract date?
  • Transfer your monthly expense to someone else. Lower your bills immediately!
  • Acquire a great car at the lowest possible price. The car of your dreams now costs less!
  • No credit reports or credit scores are needed. This is a deal between private buyers and sellers.
  • Every car is in great condition and ready for you. Leased cars are never more than a few years old.
  • Finding a lease swap on your own is time consuming.
  • Each deal is unique and should be reviewed by an expert.
  • Swapping a lease is a legally binding agreement.
  • Once you swap your lease you can’t undo your actions. Make sure it's exactly the deal you want before you agree to it.


Car Lease Swapping is a win / win scenario for buyers, sellers and banks. Instead of being stuck in a lease that not longer fits your lifestyle, now you can simply and easily transfer the contract to a new buyer who takes over the lease and enjoys the car for the rest of the time available before the lease expires. That means you can swap out of your lease on a sportscar to get a minivan instead if you just had twins, or acquire the sportscar of your dreams at an amazing discount price if you are looking to get in a new ride with pride. Banks love it too because it allows each car to be leased by someone who really wants to drive it, and is currently in a great position to maintain the vehicle properly. Check out all the services provides and you’ll agree that swapping leases is the way to go for almost anyone looking to get out of a lease or into the car of their dreams!

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