About Us

Who We Are

We are one of the best companies around for leasing cars whether you are new to leasing or you have done it a lot. However, we specialize in people who would like to swap their leases. Here you will find all the information you ever wanted plus a bunch of links and reviews of other sites that will help you figure out where to swap your car and get awesome car insurance. You can always get a free quote or information about where to swap and how to cover your car once you do get it.

What We Do

Leaseswap is a site that is here for anyone who has general questions about leasing a car. Here you can find recommendations for the best places to lease a car online, especially if you’re interested in swapping a lease. That could mean you want to get out of your lease or you are looking to take over a lease from someone else. Most of these online locations can help you not only find the person to lease your car but also vet them to make sure their cars are available for lease, and vet buyers to make sure they have the proper credit scoring. Plus, get a free insurance quote so you can get everything all in one place.

Our Mission

We started this website because we thought there weren’t really many resources about car swapping out there. People think they are stuck in a car lease when they need or want to get out of it, but that’s just not true. So, we created this site to show everyone how easy it could be to get out of a lease, or to get a car lease for shorter terms than what most car dealerships offer. If you go through a dealership the standard terms are 3-4 years, but if you take over someone’s lease you could get it for less than that.

As you can see, Lease Swap is here to help you with anything related to leasing cars, swapping leases and getting car insurance so it’s really a one stop shop for everything cars! Find out information, get links to the best services and picture yourself in your new vehicle. Find the one that you’ve always wanted or the one that works best for your family. Find out why people keep using our site over and over to swap leases.